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Harsh was born in the countryside of Ahmedabad in 2000. He found his interest in photography at the early age of fifteen. In 2017 from stills to motion pictures took a transition, and getting access to professional equipment changed the whole scenario.

Harsh Patel started exploring the crowded alley of Ahmedabad at the age of sixteen. He was keen on flora and fauna and he developed his interest in Personage later on. While on a fictional and non-fiction journey, his hard work paid off as His photographs got recognized in Ahmedabad Mirror, Rajasthan Mirror, Nikon Asia, Nikon Kazakhstan & many other international platforms. Moreover, Harsh was noticeable among all of the photographers in Ahmedabad as he was in the top 10 by the ‘35 Awards’.

As time passed, his interest got keen in the film industry, and came to Mumbai and did a certified filmmaking course in 2019 at ‘The Institute of Creative Excellence (ICE - Balaji Telefilms)’. While on a journey, He was intrigued by the process of post-production which led him to learn video editing and started freelancing in India. Later on, in 2023, Harsh decided to study Cinematography at a higher level internationally and he enrolled for a Master's in cinematography from 'Bournemouth University'. Harsh shot commercial videos, corporate films, short films, and feature films as a DOP as he progressed.    

Harsh believes in hard work along with smart decisions. Moreover, he is a wizard when it comes to observing and compositing any subject with the utilization of light and shadows, which in turn steals the spotlight.


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